Our training offering is aimed at all dog owners who want to occupy their four-legged friend according to its nature and like to work as a team at the same time.

We train in small groups (at most 4 human-dog-teams per trainer) in all weathers. In general, the training looks like that a participant provides to play the role of the "victim" or "runner" and to get hidden by us - without dog and owner knowing where. Then the dog will be presented a scent article (i.e. handkerchief, key of the "runner") and based on the adherent scent it must find the owner. The other participants could follow the search - there is always something to be learned, because every trail proceeds in a different way and of course every dog is working individually. The dog handler should learn to read the working dog, since this is the only way for a successful cooperation with the four-legged partner. Since the other dogs can (and should) relax in the meantime, it may be necessary depending on the weather for one participant to keep them company - meaning that he has to guard the open cars (and get a break after or before his work).

Concerning weather: there are 3 weather conditions, that prevent the training: extreme heat, since it is not reasonable for the dogs (and humans), snow storm, since the trails are covered and of course thunderstorm. Everything else is not weather, but a challenge!

Please wear sturdy shoes and long trousers (the humans, not the dogs!).

We attach great importance to the fact that the dogs are not overstrained and are challenged and supported according to their age and training state.

And we promise a lot of fun with your four-legged friend who will be very happy after work. This type of employment has only positive effects on the human-dog relationship. The bond is strengthened and negative behaviors such as hunting instinct, fear, aggression or compulsions are thereby positively affected because a dog who is allowed to work, is more balanced. Because: "A dog, that has no task, will become one."



The dog should of course be healthy, vaccinated (primary immunization) and insured.

Misstress/Master must be good walker and enjoy working with their four-legged friend.

Humor does also not hurt! :o)


Old dogs and dogs with a handicap can also trail. They get the necessary support.



(Size does not matter)


- Harness (a well fitting breast harness)

- Lead 5m or 7m (we prefer to work with leather and biothane-leads)

- Plastic box with cover, filled with super scruptious treats, that are something very special for the dog

- Drinking water for the dog

- Clothing adequate for the weather: definitely sturdy shoes and long trousers


If you do not have any equipment, you can borrow from us for the moment (free).

It is important that your dog wears a really well-fitting harness, because he pulls when trailing.